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Highlights on the 1st session of the POC of the Cycle of Abidjan 2022 -2025

The 1st session (S0) of the 2022 - 2025 Cycle held from November 22 to 24 has just ended.

Source : UPU

This first session of the POC with 48 newly elected members, took place in hybrid mode. 35 member countries, and many observer countries were able to make the move to Bern.

Member countries unable to travel, such as China, Austria, South Africa and Vietnam, were able to express themselves and vote remotely via the platform set up by the UPU. The other delegates were also able to follow the debates on the UPU Web TV.

The session confirmed the new structure resulting from the Abidjan Congress, and finalized the chairmanships of the working groups of the 4 commissions. - Among the novelties of this cycle, the return of the working group on addressing, and the creation of new working groups on compliance and sustainable development. Each of the groups has to work on its own agenda.

Also, Mr. Jean-Paul Forceville, Chairman of the POC, paid tribute to his predecessor.

He unveiled his roadmap for responding to the development of e-commerce, with the improvement of the customer experience and the resulting logistical requirements. The UPU must continue to dialogue with the customs organization, international carriers, implementing innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

Mr. Forceville said he intends to work in a spirit of goodwill, cooperation and constructive dialogue with all 48 POC member countries, the rest of the postal community, the Postal Technology Centre and the International Bureau teams.

"I will also ensure that I cooperate actively and transparently with the Consultative Committee, but also with the Council of Administration on major issues such as openness and the strategy of the Union, as well as with the recently elected management team: Mr. Metoki, Mr. Oswald and Mr. Gnamba-Yao in a spirit of mutual respect.

I wish us, I wish you, good luck.”

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